Process and tools

Every project faces the same basic challenge - communicating and coordinating with dozens of internal and external stake holders in a clear, effective and scalable manner. Moreover, those communications need to flex along the lines of the project trajectory itself, from the inception through occupation. Beem Management has an innovative, adaptable and graphic suite of communication tools that deliver optimum results.   


Initiation tools

  • Business Case
  • Strategic Brief
  • Land Use Overview
  • Responsibility & Reporting Matrix
  • Initial Budget Projection
  • Initial Schedule Projection
  • Project Road Map
  • Project Brief

Pre-construction tools

  • Design Responsibility Matrix
  • Intuitive Minutes
  • Budget Tracker
  • Value Engineering Tacker
  • Schedule Overview
  • Operational Overview
  • Permitting Overview
  • Land Use Permit Status

Construction tools

  • Change Management Flow
  • Early Procurement Tracker
  • Project Snapshot
  • Project Health At-A-Glance
  • Dynamic Budget Tracker
  • Iterative Scheduler
  • Summit Docs/ Reports
  • Risk Management Ledger

Occupancy Tools

  • TCO Status Chart
  • Commissioning Tracker
  • Owner Training Checklist
  • Manual and Warranties Checklist
  • Items to Complete
  • Punchlist Tracker
  • Post Occupancy Survey
  • Day Two Works